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Circuit Simulation Examples

I have a large number of electronic circuit simulation files and associated course notes. The material covers topics ranging from basic analogue circuits to basic transistor level simulation. In addition, some of the simulation exercises have been carried out in conjunction with physical hardware measurements. Future work is planned towards the development of corresponding hardware modules. Also, further simulation files and hardware for other topics is planned.  The current material was initially developed to run in B2SPICE A/D2000. The exercises also work with B2SPICE A/D V4 Lite. Other similar material has been developed that works with Cadence PSPICE. Each module (see examples below) is tailored to last approximately 3 hours. I can deliver material of this type. I am also interested in new course development. Contact me if you require further details.

After looking at the behavior of various passive circuits that include resistors inductors and capacitors, other exercises concentrate on active circuits. The exercises progress from simple behavioral amplifiers to more realistic models. The exercise notes for one of the Op-Amp exercises are shown here.

This exercise represents the initial part of a set of simulation exercises related to a basic MOSFET transistor operation. The primary function of the exercise is to familiarize the students with a simple MOSFET transistor model. During the exercise the students produce an initial set of plots for I versus VDS for different values of Vgs. After this the students are asked to investigate what happens when the channel length modulation parameter is changed. Other exercises consider common source amplifiers, differential stages, and some digital circuits. The exercises are pretty much self-contained. However a set of lecture notes also accompanies the course. The exercise notes are shown here.

This exercise is included to provide a basic introduction to the concept of a simple oscillator circuit. The exercise notes begin with a very simplified explanation of oscillation principles. The theory of oscillation is then covered in more detail in later exercises. The more advanced exercises are not intended for an introductory course. The exercise notes are shown here.

This set of exercises provides an introduction to performing electronic circuit simulations. The course material is split into two (3 hour) sections. The first section is used to introduce the student to netlists and also familiarize the with basic schematic entry methods. A 20 minute lecture is also available to accompany this. The second section investigates simple simulations carried out on a low pass CR filter circuit. The simulations cover D.C., Transient and AC analysis. The exercise notes are shown here.

Wein bridge oscillator simulation

MOSFET Id versus Vds curve tracing

Basic Operational amplifier simulations

Introduction to circuit simulations



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