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This page provides draft copies of papers and other material relating† to selected research and educational publications. Further details of the educational PLL test course and simulation files are provided on other pages on this site.† My key research papers have focused towards indirect measurement techniques for phase noise / jitter detection.† I am currently trying to forward this work on my own and am interested in any collaboration / funding etc in this area. I have further publications and examples relating to this work. Please contact me directly if you require any more information.


This paper explains the motivations for development of† a basic PLL training course. The course consists of a set of simulations files and corresponding hardware. Simulation files were used to allow the student to gain familiarity with the material prior to attending the practical lab sessions.

This paper describes research based upon investigation of jitter / phase noise mechanisms in Charge-Pump based frequency synthesis systems. The research was interesting but is still open ended. If anyone is interested in collaboration related to this work please contact me.


This paper was presented at the 2nd IEEE IC test workshop, Limerick 2004.This paper describes very preliminary investigations into frequency counting techniques to identify supply coupling faults in CP-PLLs.

This paper is explains collaborative work with the University of Limerick .The work involved adaptation of the PLL training course for web based delivery of the hardware based lab session.

Selected Publications.

Educational based hardware, simulation, and remote access adaptation

Indirect methods for estimating phase noise and jitter in CP-PLLís and basic CP-PLL design for test techniques.

E-mail: martin_at_mjb-rfelectronics-synthesis_dot_com

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Dr. Martin John Burbidge

Electronics and RF, research, development and prototyping.