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I have access  to the following general purpose test equipment.

HP54121T 20 GHz digitizing oscilloscope (includes 20ps rise time pulse generator and TDR test set for network analysis); Tektronix TDS210 60 MHz  oscilloscope; HP 33120A Arbitrary waveform generator; various mixers;  RF signal generators;  HP 20 GHz spectrum analyzer; Agilent 8753E 6GHz network analyzer; Tektronix 11403A 1GHz Oscilloscope.

Other advanced  test equipment such as comms test sets etc and personalities can be specified and hired as and when required.

At present I tend to use a  variety of “free” or limited spice-simulators, RF design tools and Matlab clones for prototype purposes and development of educational material. I also have some experience in the use of commercial layout and simulation tools such as, Cadence PSD, Agilent EESOF, etc. I can generally get to grips with a particular package if required. I have a variety of contacts for software development, Schematic entry, PCB development, layout and population. In the past I have carried out a variety of projects and developed and delivered case studies or provided presentations of my work to various companies (details can be provided on request).  I can provide services in this type of area.

Service List

My main areas of expertise and research interest relate to design-for-test techniques for frequency synthesizers.  I also have interests in design and test of board-level and IC level RF communications components. In the past I have provided preliminary overviews and more advanced material to various customers. I have also produced and delivered introductory presentations relating to my work.

Basic Research, feasibility analysis and case studies

My key interests and skills relate to design of board level phase locked and DDS based frequency synthesizers. I am also interested in VCO design, mixer design and RF ADC  applications. In the past I have developed systems incorporating microcontrollers, DSPs, FPGAs, PC interfaces, wireless sensor hardware, zigbbee, etc.  This has been done both to support RF products and in non RF products.  I have some experience in the development of embedded software to support products, I also have contacts with experienced embedded software developers.

RF and general electronic hardware design

I have experience of developing high quality educational material. In the past I have developed and delivered conventional lecture material relating to CP-PLL design-for-test methodologies, basic transistor level design, and basic electronics.   My primary interest is development of innovative teaching materials with a strong practical emphasis. I am also interested in development of remote access teaching materials. Some examples of my work are shown on the Projects and Publications pages of this site.


For more information:

E-mail: martin_AT_mjb-rfelectronics-synthesis_DOT_com

Course development and delivery

If  you have any general enquiries relating to the items on this page,  or on this site, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miscellaneous services

PCB layout and design

I have experience of designing muti-layer high-frequency printed circuit boards using surface mount and thru-hole components. I am conversant with stripline, microstrip, and PCB design for EMC compliance. I also have some experience of surface mount rework techniques.

I am experienced in the use of spice simulations. I have some familiarity with Agilent ADS. I have developed SPICE and XSPICE macro-models for VCOs PLLs etc. I have also developed models using spectre AHDL and other c-style modeling languages.  In addition, I have also used MATLAB / Simulink and various clones in the past.

Simulation and modeling


Dr. Martin John Burbidge

Electronics and RF, research, development and prototyping.