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This page contains material that wont logically fit into the other categories on this site. As time progresses, I will try to add any relevant material that I think may be of use. Please note that some of the material on this page may be incomplete or untested. Details will be provided where applicable. If there is anything wrong with any of the material or you make any modifications to code, etc please contact me. Also if you use the material and it is of use please reference me.


Simple spreadsheet to calculate Class-E amplifier tuned component values. Developed from the paper by N.Sokal (reference in spreadsheet) prior to finding other Class-E tools on the web.

S-Parameter CE to CB conversion code

Other Material


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E-Class amplifier spreadsheet

This Matlab code was created to convert common- emitter s-parameter files to a common-base format. The particular application was for a single transistor (BFR91) varactor tuned VCO. The code uses standard matrix transformations and principles outlined in the Freescale (Motorola) application note AN215A. The code has not been thoroughly checked. This is because I managed to find the parameters I needed from another source. The matrix transformations should be OK. The file reading / writing could do with improvement. The code should also work with other matlab clones such as Octave or Scilab.



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