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This is the main website of  Martin John Burbidge, PhD, Mphil, Beng, MIEEE, MIEE.

Services offered relate to research, design,  and prototyping  of Electronics  and RF  systems and components.

Services include, but are not limited to.

¨ Feasibility analysis and documentation.

¨ Research relating to RF Microwave and Electronic systems and applications.

¨ Report and publication generation.

¨ RF instrumentation, amplifier and front-end design

¨ General electronic hardware design.

¨ Multi-layer, high-speed / RF PCB design; Impedance matching, floor planning, etc.

¨ Spice simulations. Behavioral modeling  / SPICE, MATLAB / OCTAVE.

¨ Microcontroller interfaces.

¨ Development and delivery of training materials for electronic systems.

¨ Monitoring and instrumentation.


I also carry out some work into research and development for electronics and technology for renewable energy applications. For more information on this see




My key areas of research interest relate to investigation of phase noise and jitter causing mechanisms in RF frequency synthesis systems. I am also interested in development of simple techniques that can be used to detect degradation mechanisms. The key focus being towards simple Design For Test additions to frequency synthesis systems.  Examples, of some of my preliminary work is shown in the Publications section  of this site. I am very keen to progress this work and am interested in any collaboration or consultancy work in this area. I have various presentations relating to this work. I am an experienced presenter and have presented and prepared case studies in the past  for various companies. More information can be found in the Services section on this site.

Other interests include design, development and modeling of phase locked loop base synthesizers, voltage controlled oscillators and direct digital synthesis system modules.

In addition, other activities include preparation of case studies, presentations and development of educational electronic hardware courses. I am particularly interested in development and delivery of  innovative teaching material relating to RF and electronic system components. An example of some course modules and related publications are shown on the Project List and Publications section of this site. I also have a selection of lecture style presentations to accompany the material.

If you are interested in any of the material you see on this site, would like to discuss development of new material, or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me.


To contact me :

Phone:  Lancs 825064

E-mail: martin_AT_mjb-rfelectronics-synthesis_DOT_com

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Dr. Martin John Burbidge

Electronics and RF, research, development and prototyping.